In the past, only Instagram users who were verified or had over 10,000 followers could add a link to their story directing follows to a page off the Instagram platform. Fortunately for all of the smaller accounts out there, the recent Instagram update is changing the game.

No longer will you need to hit a particular follower mark to have this ability. Links are now available for anyone to add to their story. This may not sound like a huge deal. Still, for all the professional accounts out there, this opens open the door to new opportunities. Whether you plan on sending users to a landing page or the homepage of your site, followers will now be able to interact with your brand like never before.

Are you not taking advantage of this new update? Or, are you not sure how you can incorporate stories into your strategy? Feel free to reach out to our team directly to learn how we can help you along the way to growing your social media presence.

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