Trinity Web Media principles Greg Taylor and Kevin Eberle discuss an important issue to all businesses - work-life balance. This is a tricky topic because a Work-Life balance, or Work-Life blend as referred to by Greg, is essential to a healthy business and life. While we slightly break format, this topic pertains to everyone punching the clock, hustling on the side and/or working 40+ hours a week at a cost.


Key Takeaways:

  • Recognizing the ebbs and flows of business comes with experience 4:11
  • I dont believe in a work/life balance I strive for a healthy blend of the two 4:58
  • When you free your mind up from the minutia, you allow creativity to come in 9:44
  • If you are present for no other reason than to be present, you are not truly present 10:45
  • If your personal relationships aren’t healthy all business relationships will suffer 12:10


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